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P2Ecommerce is an online marketplace for buying and selling OCTG inventory that connects buyers and sellers to generate market efficiencies. Operators with excess inventory use our platform to reach a larger customer base than they could alone, and buyers get a more convenient, accessible way to view and purchase that inventory.

Whether you want to sell your excess pipe or browse our inventory, the P2 Energy Services team is ready to guide you through onboarding and deliver a high-quality customer experience.


For Sellers

For Buyers

  • Get convenient access to OCTG inventory ranging from 2-⅜” to 20”
  • Browse, search and filter through available tubular goods, or place a competitive bid on a scrap package
  • Onboard in minutes with the help of P2E’s experts

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Increase inventory accuracy and improve your working capital with P2E’s expert team.

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Harness Four Decades of OCTG Expertise

Choose the industry veterans setting a new benchmark for safety, quality, delivery and cost.

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