Create efficient supply chains with transparent forecasting and robust market intelligence

In an era of complex supply chains, forecasting is more critical than ever. Organizations that don’t look ahead run the risk of being too light or heavy on inventory, which can significantly impact cost. But as the energy industry’s cycles shorten, it’s no longer enough to simply predict how much you should order. P2 Energy Services leverages proprietary forecasting tools and market intelligence to show you the “when” and “why.” We anticipate your needs and act at the right moment based on market conditions, providing better visibility into your tubular supply chain.

Proprietary Forecasting

By standardizing forecasting across our customers’ regional operations and within our own organization, P2E’s proprietary technology gives you:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved pricing relative to market
  • Higher inventory turns
  • Elevated forecast accuracy
  • Enhanced visibility and collaboration
  • Confidence that actions are based on the latest market conditions

Market Intelligence Insights

P2E is the leader in market intelligence. We draw from decades of specialized expertise and reputable sources to track the industry’s volatile dynamics. This investment in data helps inform our forecasting and empowers our customers and mill partners.

Our monthly market intelligence reports are an essential resource for energy industry organizations looking to align strategic decisions with the latest market conditions. We also publish a semiannual report that includes OCTG manufacturing insights, supply and demand trends, capacity analytics and other key data to provide a direct perspective from operators and mill sources.

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Your Marketplace for Excess OCTG Inventory

When a Midland operator discontinued a major program, they were left with more than $1 million in stranded OCTG inventory. P2E counted, repaired and sold the inventory on P2Ecommerce — getting our customer a 33% higher price than they could secure alone.

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